"Did someone say Walkies?" The Mekuti Harness is a gentle way to stop a dog pulling on the lead, and make walking joyful again.


The Mekuti Way

Changing behaviour may not improve a dog's sense of well-being; ... Improving a dog's sense of well-being may change behaviour.
Mekuti is a small British company which started trading in 2004. Yes, that is 20 years of helping dogs and their owners through challenging situations and behaviours using kind and gentle methods. The Company is run with animals, rather than profits, in mind. You won't get flashy packaging or presentation, but you will get equipment that helps and continuing support by email or phone, whichever you prefer. All of the Mekuti branded products are made here in the UK. Our aims are to: • Focus on an animal-centred experience of life. • Supply great equipment that works for both the dog and the handler. • Give great customer service and support to our dog owners and trainers. • Offer kind and gentle techniques to help with anxious dog behaviour. • Establish a sense of partnership with our companion animals.

Trial Guarantee and Support

Sometimes things do not progress exactly how we might have hoped and improvements can take longer than expected. But there is no rush, as you have well over a month to find out if the system is going to be right for you and your dog. If things are not working, please get in touch with us so we may help, as each situation is different and all possibilities cannot be included in our Instructions. All we ask for is that anything returned for Refund is washed, dried and free from doggy smells, however, damaged items cannot usually be refunded, so please look after the equipment while it is being used. You DO NOT needs a Returns Number or anything like that but it is helpful to know by email and a note inside the returned package why it is being returned and who it is from. Please return any items using regular Royal Mail post because 'signed for' items can create delays.
We are here to help you use our equipment to help with walking and promoting calm in potentially anxious situations. This could be when meeting dogs outside or visitors at home. It may also be in situations where there is noise, when travelling or separation. Like us, our dogs are prone to the disturbances of change and can go through the processes of grief. They also pick up on our own feelings and will do whatever they can to help and support us when we -- that is why they make such great companions! Sometimes, just talking it through or having an email chat with someone helps to provide a solution or different approach to training or just how things are. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or ideas about your own situation.

Delivery Information

FREE SHIPPING or FREE TRACKING UPGRADE options available on Orders over £49 *
DELIVERY EXPECTATIONS Standard UK delivery is between 2 and 4 business days, and our Orders are delivered using the Royal Mail. When possible, we try to offer a 'Priority' Tracked option for both UK and International deliveries. The UK option does not 'guarantee' Next Day delivery but the Order is prioritised within the Mekuti and Royal Mail (or carrier's) workflow. Basically, a 'Priority' Order jumps the queue! UK 'Priority' orders placed by 3pm are despatched on the same business day. Standard Delivery Orders are usually despatched on the next business day. International 'Priority' orders are processed on the next business day. At the Secure Checkout page, you‘ll see the ordered item’s description and its price. Estimated delivery date will be shown along with any options available for your region. DELAYS or NON-DELIVERY If there is going to be a delay we are aware of in advance, or stock items are not available, you will be notified for advice. Delivery times can vary depending on any number of issues beyond our control, so if you have been notified that your Order has been despatched but not received within 5 business days after the estimated date, please let us know by phone or email. - - - * For deliveries to the UK

Please get in touch

It's good to talk! So, please give us a call on our landline. We may not be available straight away, so if there is no answer, please call back. It's good to write! So, please drop us an email or even a 'proper letter'. Not so many are sent these days, but it is lovely to receive a handwritten letter.
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MEKUTI Glendale, Newlay Wood Avenue Leeds West Yorkshire LS18 4LN United Kingdom
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How to Buy
All Mekuti products are supplied through our website and via supportive trainers in the UK and overseas.